In the guest chair:


With Jim Link

Chief HR Officer at Randstad, Jim Link, joined us in the studio today to talk jobs and building your brand.

Jim oversees Randstad’s human capital strategy and manages the company’s organizational design and strategy, talent acquisition, and employee relations.

He was named HR Executive of the Year in the 2013 American Business Awards. Jim additionally serves on the Board for the SHRM Foundation Major Gifts Council.

He serves as one of Randstad’s primary media spokesperson, with coverage spanning Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NPR and FOX Business, among others.

Adam G from Social Save also joined us in the studio to talk about what’s going on around Atlanta this weekend.

Notable Quotes:

“Everybody thinks they are the new cool area but not everybody can be the new cool area.”-Dana Barrett

“The jobless rate for Metro Atlanta rose last month from 7.2 to 7.6 percent. This is the second consecutive monthly increase.”-Dana Barrett

“We’ve always taken the position that slow and steady growth is better than an erratic economy.”-Jim Link

“What we’re finding is employers are being more demanding and specific in what they are looking for in employees.”-Jim Link

“Early in your career and throughout your career it’s all about your network.”-Jim Link

“Good leaders come out of the military.”-Jim Link

“It’s important to know your potential employer and adjust your style accordingly.”-Jim Link

“A good way to be social and save is by joining different organizations.”-Adam G

“Article 14 for brunch on Saturday’s and Sunday’s are doing $1 Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s.”-Adam G

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