Regular contributor Denise Neary shares her latest discovery.  Book Clubs… this one’s for you!

Until our book club won copies of Night Road by Kristin Hannah, in  a contest sponsored by the author and Bookreporter, I’d never read one of Ms. Hannah’s books.

Two months later, and I am on my third….and my book club has discussed two, Night Road and Winter Garden.

If your club is looking for books to spark some great conversation, consider Hannah.

You know the adage; don’t judge a book by its cover?

Well, I do….and had decided that Hannah’s books were a little too light for me.  (Don’t even bother asking me if I can name all the Kardashian children….I can.   So how I come up with these rules about substance is, to say the least, a little nuanced.)

I don’t always love Hannah’s books….but, once started, I can’t put them down.  She creates worlds your imagination can easily embrace, and centers them with realistic, complicated protagonists.

Ever feel misunderstood and undervalued?   Have complicated relationships with your spouse, your children, your parents?  Feel life is moving along without you?  Uncertain people know how much you love them?

Kristin Hannah’s books will get you talking about this, and much more.