In the guest chair:

This morning, Don Barden, Expert Contributor, Behavioral Economist & Author of The Perfect Plan, Jonathan Webb, VP Sales & Marketing for KI Furniture, and Richard Kirshenbaum, CEO and Chief Creative Officer for NSG/SWAT were all on the show!

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

DDS Financial is a business consultation, accounting, and coaching firm. They specialize in dental, medical, and specialty practices.

KI Furniture manufactures innovative furniture and movable wall system solutions for education, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The employee-owned company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wis. and operates sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

NSG/SWAT is a creative services agency on the front line of consumer, pop and digital culture. Productive relationships are our edge. Small is the new big.
In the local headlines:

  •  MARTA will lay off 371 workers next month, according to an announcement posted Wednesday on a state website.  The positions will be cut from the transit agency’s payroll effective March 25 and will affect employees  from MARTA’s paratransit service according to MARTA spokesman Lyle Harris.  MARTA has outsourced a number of functions during the last several years as part of a cost-cutting overhaul, so it’s possible that may be what’s happening with the paratransit service as well.
  • Remember the $900 million transportation funding bill the General Assembly passed last year?  Well apparently the Georgia House of Representatives figuring out how to take some of that back.  Earlier in the week it was the possible reinstatement of the EV tax credit or at least a lowering of the new $200 per car EV as.  Now it’s the state’s sales tax exemption on purchases of aviation fuel. The tax break primarily benefited Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. before lawmakers repealed it last year to help fund the transportation measure and now a new bill introduced this week is aiming to reinstate some of that tax exemption thus taking more money out of the $900 mill for transportation.
  • Delta Air Lines Inc. announced yesterday that CEO Richard Anderson will retire in May. He’ll be succeeded by the current company President Ed Bastian and Executive Vice President Glen Hauenstein will now become president.  Anderson will become executive chairman of the Delta board.  Anderson joined Delta’s board of directors in April 2007 and became CEO in September 2007.
  • Atlanta United set its inaugural season ticket pricing at $20 – $60 per match with season ticket prices ranging from $360 to $1,080.  The club said members of the Atlanta United founders’ club will receive priority seating for the 2017 season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium as well as savings on annual season ticket memberships. A $50 deposit is required to become a founding member and will go toward season ticket purchases.
In the national headlines:
  • Martin Shkreli has had his day in court.  Well at a congressional hearing over predatory, Ponzi-scheme-like drug pricing anyway.  As predicted he plead the 5th, except when asked how to pronounce his name, smirked through the entire thing, and took to Twitter right afterwards to call the congressman imbeciles.
  • A new study says Millennials aren’t as into entrepreneurship as you might think.  The study, by the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, used self-employment numbers from the Census Bureau as a proxy for business ownership. It found that fewer than 2 percent of millennials were self-employed in 2014, compared with 7.6 percent of Generation X and 8.3 percent of baby boomers.  That’s not too surprising, since self-employment typically rises with age.  But only 4 percent of millennials who hit 30 were self-employed. That compares with a self-employment rate of 5.4 percent for Generation X at age 30, and 6.7 percent for baby boomers at that age.
  • GoPro is on the struggle bus to failure town.  They’ve tried everything from new cameras to strategy shifts to layoffs but nothing seems to be working for the company, which has plummeted to yet another all-time low in the market.  The stock was down 12% in premarket trading yesterday and shares have now fallen 89% from their high in September 2014, just a few months after the company’s IPO.  They’re new plan is to cut the camera line down to 3 cameras (letting go of the cheapest) and to work on making the existing line easier to use.

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