In the guest chair:

Joan Herbig, Lucy O'Byrne, Dana Barrett

Joan Herbig, Lucy O’Byrne, Dana Barrett

Dr. Lucy O’Byrne, Chief Veterinary Officer and Co-Founder of Kuddly and Joan Herbig, CEO of ControlScan joined Dana during hour one of the show this morning. For the second half of the show, regular contributor, Sonia Booker was in studio to talk about the “new” retirement.

Whether you have a question about your pet’s physical condition, or simply need advice about their everyday health and wellness, Kuddly is your on-call solution. Thier app connects you to veterinarians worldwide through Live Chat texting and Inbox email messages. And don’t worry about office hours. Kuddly vets are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Atlanta-based ControlScan provides unified security and compliance solutions that help payments companies reduce portfolio risk, and help businesses of all types protect themselves against data breach. The company’s cloud-based technologies, expert security services and ‘no limits’ customer support deliver best-in-class options that include compliance programs (PCI, HIPAA, EI3PA), managed security services, security awareness training, vulnerability detection, IT risk assessments and more.

Sonia Booker & Dana Barrett

Sonia Booker & Dana Barrett

Sonia Booker is one of the nation’s leading “Go To” wealth experts. Known for her down-to-earth approach, her messages are inspirational and empowering. Self-determination led Sonia to national prominence, first recognized by Allstate as one of their Top Agents, at the age of 24. After selling her profitable insurance agency, Sonia transitioned into real estate investing, owning and partnering in several successful and non-successful ventures. 

In the headlines:

  • Good news Atlanta… yesterday, officials announced that the new Falcon’s Stadium, The Benz will play host to the College Football Playoff National Championship in January 2018. Atlanta beat out Miami, Houston and Santa Clara, CA for the honor.
  • According to a new report from WalletHub, Georgia is the # 14 fattest state in the United States. And Dana tells it like it is – the rest of the south didn’t fare so well on the scale either.
  • The cityhood movement in metro Atlanta scored one win and one loss on election day this week. The City of Tucker – approved – the City of LaVista Hills not so much. So what is this movement towards cityhood all about and is it good for the metro area?
  • Hulu continues to experiment with advertising. Users who watch Fox on Hulu will now be able to choose to watch a 30-second engagement ad instead of 2 1/2 minutes of interruptive ads on some shows. Hulu also just announced an ad-free option for $11.99/month vs the $7.99 version with ads. So the question is, are there ads you WANT in your life?
  • Cici’s Pizza is rebranding to Cicis. They’re dropping the word “pizza” along with the apostrophe and their beginning a plan to renovate stores (and the food a bit). They say, “We revamped our entire pizza line with higher-quality ingredients, including sauce, dough, cheese and toppings, and we’ve done the same with new items like a stuffed crust pizza. We’re going to continue to do things that offer a higher quality experience.”
  • And remember that Amazon competitor we talked about months ago – They thought they were going to come in and beat Amazon at the Prime game with a membership structure where they would make all their money so that theoretically, once you were in, they could beat Amazon on price. So first they realized they didn’t have enough of a product offering to get people to pay for memberships so they made it free – then they realized if it was free they couldn’t really compete on price by much… and now they are looking to complete a $550 million funding round that would prevent them from running out of money by the end of the year. Oy. Dana might pick on Amazon from time to time, but says these guys and their investors are killer!

Other stuff:

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