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With Jim Swartz from Polsinelli

With Jim Swartz from Polsinelli

Jim Swartz, an attorney with Polsinelli – joined us today for Tech Tuesday.  Jim focuses on employment law – and today we talked about the legal risks and ramifications of hiring a star player away from one of your competitors.  We talked about the “fairness” of non-compete agreements how enforceable they are, who should ask for them, and who should sign them.

We touched on the idea that for many companies, they’re hoping the documents will be a deterrent to keep people from leaving to go work for the competitor as opposed to really wanting to go enforce them in court.  We also touched on what you can do if you’re asked to sign one.

On the flip side of all of this stealing away of great employees we also talked about the Silicon Valley companies that got in lots of legal hot water for colluding NOT to hire each others workers.
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