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With Joe Federici from Bar Meatball

Joe Federici from Bar Meatball joined us in the studio today to talk meatballs and the business of food. Federici, a New Yorker, has expanded his business down in Atlanta with Bar Meatball and recently added a food truck which has been very successful so far in only a month. Adam G from Social Save also joined us in the studio today to talk about what’s going on around Atlanta this weekend.

Notable Quotes

“I wish we could put all the negative energy there is around the world into being more productive instead of destructive.”-Dana Barrett

“Apple to team up with IBM to sell mobile, cloud apps to business customers.”-Dana Barrett

“Microsoft cuts 18,000 jobs ad their stock went up more than 3%!!”-Dana Barrett

“My family made our tomato sauce once a year that lasted us the whole year.”-Joe Federici

“We decided to expand and shorten our hours to add another dimension to our business which was a food truck.”-Joe Federici

“Atlanta has always been a very good place for homegrown food and passionate chefs.”-Joe Federici

“Business success is always about the relationship.”-Dana Barrett

“We’re doing a party over at Whiskey Park tonight. Anyone who shows up before 11 PM and mentions Social Save gets in for free.”-Adam G

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