This morning, we were live from ATP’s CIO Golf tournament at St. Ives Country Club! We had a ton a amazing guests, beautiful weather, and of course, lots of fun!

In the Guest Chair: 

Dana Barrett & Lee Crump

Nancy D’Amico, SVP and CIO of LeasePlan joined us during hour one! Nancy explained that LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading vehicle leasing companies and talked women in tech.

Lee Crump, CIO and Group VP at Rollins, Inc. joined us as well to talk ATP, golfing, and giving back to the community!

Dana Barrett & Renee Pearson

During hour two, Renee Pearson, Global Director of IT Innovation at Kimberly-Clark joined us on-air! Renee, who is responsible for collaborating with internal and external business and IT executives, talked Atlanta & start-ups!

Jonathan Cox, VP and CIO of Kauffman Tire was on-air to talk customer satisfaction, safety, and technology!

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