urineOn this Sunday’s Business RadioX Week In Review on biz1190AM, we featured some clips from BusinessRadioX that focused on Bitcoin, what the heck it is and who should care.   And we talked about really important issues like:

MARTA becoming the first US transit system to install urine detectors. Go Atlanta!  No, seriously.  I can appreciate that people need somewhere to pee, but do they have to do it in a MARTA elevator?  I think not.  And now with this fancy new system that detects pee in the making and will have MARTA cops descending on your naked butt midstream, I bet you’ll think twice about doing it again.  We may have a pothole or two, and maybe our city is not the most walkable ever, but at least or public transit elevators will start smelling peachy!

Oh – yeah.. we also talked about marketing and social media trends for 2014 and Atlanta working to become more walkable.