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With Stanley Vergilis, Co-Founder of Hux

Stanley Vergilis, Co-Founder of HUX, joined us in the studio today to talk about his new service for micro-business.   Stanley defines micro business as any solo provider of a service, be it a house cleaner, a tutor, a plumber, handyman and so on.

Right now is focusing on house cleaning services, but will eventually expand to include any micro business you might need. The online service enables you to find, book and pay for a local (vetted) cleaner in two minutes flat. Hux providers enjoy leads, scheduling, customer feedback and insurance integrated into a beautiful online storefront.  And Hux customers enjoy secure payment and vetted service professionals, who have references and have had a thorough background check.

Notable Quotes:

“I decided to forgo school, playing in a band, and my robotics career to start HUX.”-Stanley Vergilis

“We’ve got close to 800 customers in Atlanta and we’ve spent less than $500 on advertising.”-Stanley Vergilis

“We want to create a forum for all the providers to talk tips and tricks with each other.”-Stanley Vergilis

“Growing organically is a blessing but we also need to figure out what to do with the money that we have.”-Stanley Vergilis

“Currently a lot of our customers are between the age of 25-34.”-Stanley Vergilis

“We actually have a policy if you’re not surprised by the quality of the cleaner and the service you won’t be charged.”-Stanley Vergilis

“We are the only service that I know where you can find, schedule, and pay for a local service provider in one place.”-Stanley Vergilis

“We have an internal slogan that says the best way to market is to do it.”-Stanley Vergilis

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