Blah, blah — April Fools!

Okay – now that that’s over with…my inner (and often outer) cynic just has to say… I really don’t like April Fool’s Day.  In fact I think I like April Fool’s Day about as much as people pinching me on St. Patty’s Day or a bogus “Clearance Sale” or a chain email.

I felt the need to do some digging and see where this whole April Fool’s thing comes from – and of course – it comes from literature.  Or at least that’s one possible source.  According to Wikipedia (where all true knowledge is stored), the first reference to April Fool’s Day was in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in 1392.  Apparently people have liked playing tricks on each other for a long, long time.

Now I’m not really sure what my problem is with this whole “day of practical jokes” thing.  So let’s break it down together.  There are two roles (at least) in any practical joke… the joker and the jokee. My problem with being the joker is that I don’t want to work that hard to be original and come up with a way to humiliate my friend because it’s a specific day of the year.  I’d rather just humiliate them unoriginally on say… October 28th, for example.  As the jokee, the problem is that after being made to a look a fool, you’re supposed to just laugh along and be all “Oh you got me… Funny you” – and… no.  I’m not good at that.  I’d rather just pull your hair or run and hide in the bathroom.

As it’s only 11AM, I feel the need to come up with some possible solutions to get through the day:

1 – Play a joke on someone and then immediately run and hide in the bathroom before they have a chance to get me back.

2 – Hibernate all day and don’t talk to a soul including phone and email.

3 – Copious amounts of wine – starting as soon as it is socially acceptable to be drinking.  Is it 5 o’clock somewhere right now?

4 – Pretend I’m an intellectual snob and above it all – refusing to react if pranked and looking disdainfully down my nose at all pranksters.

I will probably end up going with a combination of the above but am open to additional suggestions.

In the mean time… er… Happy April Fool’s Day?

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor