In the guest chair:

Workplace therapist, Brandon Smith, joined us today to talk corporate culture and the keys to a positive work environment. Smith specializes in helping maximize efficiency at companies and fighting dysfunction at work.

The men behind the Million Dollar Arm, JB Bernstein and Ash Vasudevan called in to talk about the movie, future plans for the contest, and what other ventures they are involved in now.


Notable Quotes

“If you are a leader of a group or a business owner. Interview your customers and ask what they value.” –Brandon Smith

“If you are the boss of a company have to get down to the stuff that really matters to you.” –Brandon Smith

“Workplace happiness is the right job+ the right culture+ the right boss.” –Brandon Smith

“It’s all about the boss.” –Brandon Smith

“It’s all about distinguishing between wants and needs” –Brandon Smith

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