On this past Sunday’s edition of Week In Review (aired on Biz1190AM in Atlanta), Host Dana Barrett aired the following BusinessRadioX clips:

  • From High Velocity Radio: Desiree C. Scales of Bella Web Design talking about getting past social media to content.  The right message to the right people at the right time.  And she talked about how email can still be sexy!
  • From Burr & Forman’s Results Matter Radio Show: Rodney Abney of Greenberg & Farrow talking about the decision to expand globally and what it was like to be a part of Atlanta’s trade mission to China.
  • From the Good Morning Atlanta Show: Jason Swenk talking about coming up with the title of Webpreneur.

Other topics covered on the show:

  • Another update on the Falcons stadium location… the south site is still in play!
  • Jeff Bezos buys WaPo and Apple tells new CEO Tim Cook to do something fast!
  • Aloft Hotel concept coming to Atlanta – next to Phipps
  • New small Walmart concept opens this week at Georgia Tech (should we maybe call it SmalMart?)
  • Atlanta least expensive city to become a parent.
  • … and lots more!

And on Dana’s personal soapbox:

  • Why do marketers think we (as consumers) are stupid.  We see through the made up problems and made up solutions.   “Skin fatigue” is not a thing!  Neither is “EcoBoost”…