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With Tom Moore and Kristi Rooks

General Manager of the Southeast Region at Cohen & Associates, Tom Moore, and Senior Project Manager at Central Atlanta Progress, Kristi Rooks, joined us in the studio today to talk shopping and The Atlanta Downtown Pop Up Shops.

Tom is responsible for sourcing, structuring and financing acquisitions in the Southeast Region of the US for Cohen Associates. Cohen & Associates invests in strategically located, ground-up developments and income-producing real estate throughout California and key cities in the Southeastern and Southwestern U.S., particularly in the underserved secondary or tertiary markets.

Kristi joined Central Atlanta Progress as Senior Project Manager of Economic Development in 2012. Central Atlanta Progress is a private, not-for-profit corporation that strives to create a robust economic climate for Downtown Atlanta.

Notable Quotes:

“The iPhone 6 will debut on September 9th. The new phone will have a bigger screen.”-Dana Barrett

“A group of Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion internet user passwords.”-Dana Barrett

“We were very fortunate that we got over 100 applications for 14 pop-up shop spaces.”-Kristi Rooks

“Take credit for things. Welcome to the school of shameless self plugs.”-Dana Barrett

“Anytime you talk about real estate development I don’t know why people give a date. It seems like there is always some type of delay.”-Dana Barrett

“First and foremost we need to get things that people need. We are in desperate need of a grocery store and other necessities.”-Kristi Rooks

“I think all of us know that Atlanta can’t compete as a major city without a vibrant downtown area.”-Dana Barrett

“We need people living downtown and more residential areas to help develop some of these necessities.”-Kristi Rooks

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