In the guest chair:

cropped-TB_logoJennifer Higgins from TechBridge, a nonprofit that drives community impact by bringing affordable business & technology expertise to other nonprofits, joined me in-studio today to talk about how they help non-profits of all sizes get and use the latest technology.  Why is this important?  Imagine how much more work YOU can get done with the right technology.  So now you get it.   We discussed social media and non-profits as well as the annual Digital Ball (which I so want to go to next year) AND the newest TechBridge project, the Nonprofit Exchange where folks can go to give money to important nonprofit tech projects.  It’s like Kickstarter for the non-profit community.  (I, of course, decide the Nonprofit Exchange needed a sexier name and suggested the very creative NPX!  Before you criticize my idea, perhaps suggest one of your own!!)

In the headlines: