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With Asif Ramji

Asif Ramji, President & CEO of Paymetric Inc joined us in-studio today to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur and the data security challenges around payment processing.

Paymetric has become the global enterprise leader for cloud-based secure integrated payments and has experienced consecutive quarters of double-digit growth since 2009.

Asif is a seasoned payments executive, with more than 18 years’ experience directing companies within the software and payment transaction processing industries. He has returned over $100M for his investors, partners and shareholders during his career.

Adam G from Social Save also joined us in the studio today to talk about what’s going on around Atlanta this weekend.

Notable Quotes:

“If anybody is wondering how I meet all these awesome guests I started with a few and they introduced me to all these other great people.”-Dana Barrett

“You have to have a goal and a vision of what you want to accomplish.”-Asif Ramji

“Having a positive attitude and being optimistic is critical to success.”-Asif Ramji

“It’s important to have optimism of the will and pessimism of the intellect.”-Asif Ramji

“Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet.”-Asif Ramji

“Tomorrow is the Atlanta Seafood and Craft Beer Festival in Piedmont Park.”-Adam G

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