In the guest chair:

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Regular Contributor, Leadership Guru and Author of The Perfect Plan, Don Barden joined Dana live in studio to discuss last night’s GOP Debate and what each candidate may need to think about if they really want to win votes.

Don Barden is a senior level behavioral economist and 27 year Wall Street veteran. He is currently the CEO of DDS Financial, a business consultation, accounting and coaching firm and his books are published in over 39 county’s around the globe. 

Plus, Dana filled in for Adam Gajdharsingh this morning to gave us the scoop for our weekly Work Hard/Play Hard segment, highlighting events in Atlanta.

In the headlines:

  • Baseball is a business – and for the Atlanta Braves, business isn’t going all that well. According to the ABC, The Braves revenue fell $14 million dollars in the first half of 2015.
  • Protecting older trees is also serious business in this city. A developer who cut down 4 huge trees in the Ormewood Park community without a permit is being fined over $11,000 dollars.
  • TopGolf is set to open in Midtown – August 14th.
  • And Keurig stock has plunged after they reported weak sales and lowered their earnings outlook. Now they’re placing all their hopes on the soon to be released cold beverage machine (which, in Dana’s estimation is not going to be the hit they think it will be).

Other stuff:

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