Another great week here at Midtown Review.  We introduced two new contributors, Denise Neary and Ana Raquel – both with great perspectives and a great love for books AND our podcast is now available on iTunes.  Click here to subscribe! And as usual as all that was going on, I had a few random thoughts I just had to share:

#1 – Bangs are Better than Botox, Baby!
This might be the title of my first book, (if I ever write one) so you are hereby warned not to steal it.  But seriously, thanks to celebs like Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon, and Sally Fields for making bangs chic again.  I just got my hair cut and I swear I look 10 years younger.  Well maybe 6 years.  But here’s the deal, bangs cover those forehead wrinkles better than any injections ever will AND they’re a heck of a lot cheaper!  Okay, maybe Sally didn’t make them chic, but she hasn’t really aged in years and I’m telling you, it’s the bangs.

#2 – That Clay Aiken Can Really Sing
Okay, I know I have just made myself about 110% less cool for saying so – but the guy has some pipes.  I’m visiting my parents in Florida this week and last night we went to his show (did my coolness just drop another 30%?).  It wasn’t my first choice for entertainment and I might literally have been the youngest person there (other than Clay and the band) but I have to admit I enjoyed it.  Clay could have chosen a different outfit – the sweater was not flattering – and I wasn’t really digging the medley of current pop hits in the big band style, but when he sang the oldies – as they were meant to be sung, he was really good. And most of all I appreciated the fact that he didn’t take himself too seriously.

#3 – I am really out of shape.
My mother, who may be the most active person in the solar system, took me along to an exercise class yesterday that kicked my butt.  This wouldn’t have been to embarrassing in theory, but in this particular class, the average age is easily 20 years older than me, and these unassuming ladies exercised me under the table.  I guess reading about exercising doesn’t have the same affect as actually doing it.   Hmmm.  I think I’d better read some more about that before any more leg lifts are performed.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor

PS – Stay tuned for some great new contributors and an interview with Chris Bohjalian this week!