It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review.  After recovering from our Oscar party hi-jinx, I released the latest podcast with New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry and then interviewed authors Brad Taylor and Adriana Trigiani for some upcoming episodes. (That’s a lot of reading, my friends!)  We also had a second discussion of THE SECRETS OF EDEN by Chris Bohjalian in Midtown and introduced our newest contributor, Poetry Reviewer Amy Pence!  Alas with all of that going on I still found time for reflection…of the randomest sort:

#1 – Did you ever spend 3 minutes watching a YouTube video and think… “Damn…that’s three minutes of my life I will never get back?”
A friend posted a personal video Facebook the other day that for some reason I felt compelled to watch.  I wish I hadn’t.  I appreciate that people love lots of things and want to share them; their kids, their dogs, themselves… whatever the case may be.  And I suppose the beauty of posting things like that on Facebook is that at least you are not forced to watch or worse yet, to comment, like we used to be when it was home movies and snapshots passed around a room.  But still… sometimes I wonder how people don’t realize that just because they are obsessed with their new pet turtle or 1700 different views of the same mountain that most everyone else just doesn’t care.  I’d share the video in question here, but I want you to have those 3 minutes of your life.  Consider it my gift. — minus the two minutes you just spent reading this rant.

#2 – Yoga is not as easy as it looks.
Until this week my experience with Yoga had been what I had seen on TV and in the movies.  You know the requisite scene where the female character is in Yoga class and the bumbling guy goes in and is distracted by all the spandex and can’t quite do the moves.  And… well… it looked kinda easy;  you know just some stretching and some breathing and some pleasant spa music.  So I thought Yoga would be a good way to get off the couch and away from the computer.  And it is.   But damn!  It is hard work.  I applaud all of you Yoga Doers who have mastered the warrior pose and are comfortable in a three-legged downward facing dog.  I will keep trying, but for the moment I think I am better at the couch potato pose and the barking female dog position.  Just sayin’.

#3 – Is it wrong to say I kinda like the new American Idol judging panel?
Since I have already admitted to being a couch potato, I think the obvious next step is to discuss American Idol… an activity perfectly suited to sitting on the couch.  So – have you been watching?  What do you think so far?  I have to admit I’m kinda digging the new panel.  You’ve got Randy playing the role of Simon, which I think actually works… but mostly because I was tired of seeing Simon’s horrible t-shirts.  Then you’ve got J-Lo as the new, younger, not drunk Paula and you’ve got Steven Tyler as the new, male, still drunk Paula.  It’s working for me.  And how ’bout the contestants.  As of this moment, I’m loving Casey Abrams – and I was sad to see the Simply Red kid go home.

I warned you – this week’s reflections were totally random.  But that’s the beauty of this feature.  Feel free to share you own random thoughts here – on potato chips… or basketball.  We don’t judge.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor