It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review… we got our new logo (thanks to U-Turn Creative) started our Facebook fan page (we would really like it, if you liked us), recorded an interview with author CJ Lyons (look for that post this coming Tuesday) and began working on our new book club program (details to come!).  But while all this bookish stuff was going on, the world continued to spin and random things have caught my attention that I felt needed sharing:

#1 – Jennifer Weiner is hilarious.  Not only a great author, but a hilarious tweeter.  Dude — she “live-tweets” The Bachelor!  Wanna follow along?:!/jenniferweiner

#2 – Gel nail polish is the greatest invention since sliced bread. (Was sliced bread even really that great?)  Apparently this stuff has been on the market since May, but I just heard about it at the nail salon yesterday.  Nail polish that last two weeks with no chipping – AND it dries immediately so you can immediately dig in your purse for your phone and keys with no repercussions.  The only downside from what I can see is it is a little harder to remove.   I will so be trying this next time I go to the salon, and just in case you have been living under a rock like me, I felt I had to share.

#3 – Food that is meant to be shared should not be served with an odd number of pieces. Last night I went out with a gal pal for a drink and some tapas (after our jaunt to the nail salon).  We ordered several dishes from a menu where the PLAN is for you share stuff. That’s how it’s advertised.  And every dish we ordered – every dish – had an odd number of pieces on the plate.  5 pieces of marinated tuna – 3 pieces slices of tomato and mozzarella – 5 pieces of tenderloin… you get the idea.  All I can say is – REALLY?

Alas – despite the crazy weather, the week was a good one and we’ve got more fun stuff planned for next week, so stay tuned…

— Dana Barrett, Editor