Need some help procrastinating today?  Reflect on this:

#1 – Why do they make dog treats in the shape of little bones and hearts?
I was in the pet super store the other day looking for some treats for my dog and I started to wonder why they make treats in cutsie little shapes like bones and hearts and pieces of bacon.  I mean dogs could absolutely care less.  They would happily eat a treat if it smelled good and looked like a pile of poop.  In fact, they would probably even eat the poop shaped treat if it smelled like… well… poop.  It just goes back to us humans being suckers.  We’ll buy absolutely anything if its packaged right and sold to us with gusto.  Need I remind you of the Pet Rock?

#2 – Are hotels secretly in cahoots with dentists?
So, I was staying in a hotel recently and I forgot my toothpaste.  This got me to thinking about why hotels seem to think a shower cap or some body lotion are more important things to stock in the room than toothpaste.  Seriously, I could go a day without lotion – and it seems to me that some people could use the extra push to wash their hair.  But a day without brushing your teeth?  Not good.  It seems to me that a day without toothpaste hurts more than just the sad and weary stinky-mouthed traveler.  It hurts everyone who has to talk to said traveler that day.  A little toothpaste could go a long way to making happy guests (and maybe bringing about world peace).  So why don’t they provide it?  I can only assume they’re getting kick-backs from dentists who are hoping for a few more cavities.

#3 – Freakishly long arms
In an earlier “Random Reflections” post I mentioned that I had started taking Yoga classes.   Well, it’s been a couple of months now, and I am getting a little better at it.  I am definitely mastering the posture where you lay flat on the ground and breathe.  Just a few more weeks and I’m sure I’ll have that one down pat.  And I thought I was really flexible too.   Every time we were asked to bend at the waist and touch our toes I was extremely proud and please that my knuckles were practically dragging on the ground.  Then I did the one thing you’re not supposed to do – I looked around at my classmates to see how they were doing.  And as it turns out… I’m not that flexible after all.  I just have freakishly long arms.  Thanks Mom & Dad.  Ah well, at least I never have trouble getting things off the top shelf.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor