In the guest chair:


With Senior Manager at Bennett Thrasher, Betsi Barrett

Bennett Thrasher Senior Manager, Betsi Barrett joined us in-studio today to talk about federal and state tax credits and when businesses should start looking at which ones they may be able to take advantage of. Betsi also discussed the recent changes to the federal Research & Development Tax Credit that will allow those qualified to take the credit on past returns more easily than in the past.

And it’s Friday, so Adam G. from joined us for Work Hard / Play Hard!

Notable Quotes:

“We’ve seen a lot of good tax incentives coming out to help keep people and jobs in the country.”-Betsi Barrett

“A lot of times we’ll see that Georgia credit is higher then the national credit.”-Betsi Barrett

“The biggest number of companies in the country are in the 1-19 employee range.”-Betsi Barrett

“I’m not saying that I’m lazy but I might be a little bit lazy.”-Dana Barrett

“With soccer you can see the pretty. Watching soccer you get the added bonus of looking at some hot men.”-Dana Barrett

“If I see something that I think I could paint after a few beers it’s not art.”-Adam G

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