In the guest chair:


With Roz Lemieux CEO and Co-founder, Roz Lemieux joined us in the studio today to talk about using technology to create truly on-point personalized marketing, (that will hopefully be way less annoying for consumers – and way more positive for marketers!).

As the first and only complete social marketing automation solution, allows corporations to pinpoint their most Influential customers and advocates.

Prior to co-founding and sister company Fission, Roz served as the Executive Director of the New Organizing Institute (NOI) – the premiere training institute for tech-enabled grassroots organizers. NOI grads serve in the White House, are New Media Directors of several federal agencies, lead the digital teams at a number of major national nonprofits, and played a major role in Obama’s 2008 victory.

Notable Quotes:

“You have to be careful about going out there with something and then taking it away.”-Dana Barrett

“Really we are a part of the modern marketing movement.”-Roz Lemieux

“75% of consumers say they would give up a degree of privacy to get relevant information from marketers.”-Roz Lemieux

“I think the depth of information that companies have about customers would be surprising to most people.”-Roz Lemieux

“People do connect with businesses at a personal level.”-Roz Lemieux

“From the late 1970’s up until 2008 more businesses opened than closed but since then more businesses have been closing than opening.”-Dana Barrett

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