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Tejus Parikh, Dana Barrett & Jon Birdsong

Tejus Parikh, Dana Barrett & Jon Birdsong

This morning, Dana had the pleasure of hosting Jon Birdsong, CEO of WideAngle, Tejus Parikh, CTO of WideAngle, and Steven Cook, Founder & Managing Partner at Fortune CMO.

At WideAngle, they believe a better relationship with your team members will produce better results. Your weekly One on One Meeting is the most effective management tool to systematically build a professional relationship. WideAngle works into your regular workflow by helping managers make sure every One on One occurs, is productive, and documented.

Stephen Cook & Dana Barrett

Steven Cook & Dana Barrett

Fortune CMO provides 25+ years of Fortune 50 global CMO expertise in strategic consumer-centric brand building, innovation, digital marketing and social engagement, and business development from the world’s best brands at P&G, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Silicon Valley/Silicon Beach/Atlanta tech startups.
In the local headlines:
  •  A new report released Tuesday by Metro Atlanta Chamber and Georgia Transportation Alliance says that three proposed MARTA expansion projects,  Clifton Corridor, Interstate 20 East, and Georgia 400, could infuse $5.2 billion into the region’s overall economy.  The transit expansions also could equate to 45,000 new jobs and $116 million in additional annual wages by 2040, analysts say.
  • Tyler Perry Studios holding open casting calls this week according to a Facebook message posted Tuesday by the studio’s casting director Rhayvn Drummer. General auditions will be held this week but you have to send an email to with the subject line “General Submission 2016,” to get a spot.
  • For the sixth year in a row, Atlanta topped the list of the country’s top 10 moving destinations on Penske Truck’s annual list.  The company created its list based on requests for one-way moves in 2015.
  • Legislation that aims to get more kids in STEM classes was unanimously approved yesterday by the Georgia House of Representatives.  The bill will reward high school students willing to brave rigorous college courses in science, technology, engineering or math with extra credit toward qualifying for a HOPE scholarship.  All good…but here’s where it gets weird…the bill, if it passes in the senate and gets the Governor’s stamp of approval would  add a half point to the grade of any student receiving a B, C or D on one of the so-called STEM courses.  So – um the kid that gets an A gets nothing?  And why do you want to give a scholarship to a kid who is getting a D in a STEM class?  Is he or she really likely to end up in a STEM job?  Just some simple questions.
  • Spring is the busy season for home improvement projects and therefore the busy season for Home Depot… The company is planing to add 80,000 workers for this spring selling season, including more than 1,200 in metro Atlanta.
In the national headlines:
  • Amazon may be planning to add hundreds of brick-and-mortar bookstores around the country… or they may not. The rumor was started by the chief executive of a mall operator called General Growth Properties Inc. who talked about the plan as if it were common knowledge though apparently no one knows where he got his information.  The story was then given legs by the Wall Street Journal who reported the story as if it were news.
  • Toyota Motor Corp. is killing its Scion brand, folding the vehicles back into the Toyota brand portfolio, 13 years after the brand made its debut and helped the company capture young buyers. The brand will cease in August and the handful of corporate employees who worked on it will be offered other positions at Toyota.  Good call.  I don’t think anyone will even notice.
    • By the way – the definition of Scion is 1.a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting. OR – 2.  a descendant of a notable family.
  • Uber just completely changed its logo and branding.  And IMHO they totally missed the mark.  (pun intended).   For some reason they felt like a U in square was too limiting and they needed a logo that had some random uppity meaning that their customers won’t get or care about.  Side note – Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey should actually call Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick and thank him, ‘cause to me the logo looks like the Square credit card reader you plug into your phone or tablet.
    • By the way – the definition of Uber is “denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.”

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