Roy Moore, Tech Tuesday, Vetting Non-Profits & Holiday Shopping

Show Guests:
In hour one:
BBB’s President & CEO, Art Taylor joined us on the phone to talk about vetting the charities you give to.
In hour two:

Dana Barrett & Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins, ParkMobile CMO, joined us to share the company’s story and talk about how their technology is making parking so much easier for drivers.  We also discussed self-driving cars and the future for cars, drivers and parkers!
Justine Santaniello, Lifestyle and Trends Expert (, shares tips on holiday budget, what millennials are gifting, and how much shoppers will spend this year! 

Justine Santaniello


In the National Headlines:
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Moore: ‘I believe the women’
  • Why Roy Moore supporters are standing by him, in their own words
  • Sen. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.), the head of the GOP campaign committee, called for Mr. Moore to be expelled from the Senate if he wins the Dec. 12 election because he “does not meet the ethical and moral requirements” of the Senate.
  • Monday afternoon, another woman stepped forward to accuse Mr. Moore of sexual misconduct.
  • Microsoft founder Gates commits $100 million for fund, start-ups, to fight Alzheimer’s
  • Actor/Singer Jeremy Jordan claims Chipotle’s food almost killed him

In the Tech Headlines:

  • Missouri Attorney General Launches Probe Into Google’s Business Practices
  • Belmont Partners, an Arizona-based real estate investment group linked to Bill Gates plans to invest $80 million to build an Arizona smart city.
  • Lyft announces its first international expansion


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