In the guest chair:

Kenzie Biggins and Dana

Kenzie Biggins & Dana Barrett

This morning, Dana had the pleasure of hosting the sassy and successful Kenzie Biggins, CEO & Founder of Uniquely Virtual. Uniquely Virtual is a virtual executive assistant service powered by a SaaS platform. Uniquely Virtual is on a mission to give people back the 40% of their day they spend completing administrative task.

The wonderfully successful and humble Daniel Roberts, President and CEO of Friendly Human was also a guest this morning. Friendly Human provides visual storytelling for human centric brands. Leveraging the power of storytelling, they have the ability to craft narratives that move people to action. Whether working with agencies or clients, they believe remarkable people deserve to be celebrated.

Daniel Roberts and Dana

Daniel Roberts & Dana Barrett

In the headlines:

  • Pfizer Inc. and Allergan PLC said Monday that they would merge in an inversion deal of about $155 billion that would create the world’s biggest drug maker by sales.  Such deals enable a U.S. company to move abroad and take advantage of a lower corporate tax rate elsewhere, and have remained popular in the face of U.S. efforts to curb them.
  • The IRS may shift it’s focus on the very wealthiest of Americans – good news for the rest of us.  The Internal Revenue Service spends too much time and effort auditing people who make $200,000 to $400,000 and too little going after the very wealthiest Americans, according to an inspector general’s report.
  • Black Friday spending has contracted as last-minute shopping has increased, according to Atlanta-based Cardlytics.
  • The Johns Creek City Council this week approved a resolution that opposes any expansion of MARTA into the newish city 30 minutes north of Atlanta.
  • Was there a data breach of your voter data last week?  Kinda sorta. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has recovered discs inadvertently containing voters’ personal information that were sent to 12 groups and fired the employee responsible.  What was referred to in news reports Wednesday as a data breach was not in fact a breach, Secretary of State said in a statement released Thursday..
  • The city of Atlanta is buying a 264-unit apartment community across the street from City Hall.  The city will acquire City Plaza at 133 Trinity Avenue S.W., according to a notice on the city’s website.
  • A new article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle suggests that apartment market in town may be heading for trouble.  A familiar pattern in Atlanta is to build until we bust.  The poster child for this excess in the previous cycle was the condominium market. Today, the intown apartment sector is at the greatest risk of becoming overbuilt. Market fundamentals are strong, but explosive growth in supply is cause for concern.

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