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Kara Zeigler and Dana Barrett

Joining Dana in-studio today was Kara Zeigler, Store Manager of of Pike Nurseries, Lindbergh. Fear of the Zika virus is effecting the Rio Olympics, the travel industry AND scaring people indoors. Dana brought Kara in to share the most effective, proven methods for reducing and repelling the potentially disease carrying critters.

The cool thing is that all of the options are natural and safe for pets and kids!


Jim Cusick and Dana Barrett

Dana was also joined by Jim Cusick with SAP.  Jim and Dana talked IoT (Internet of Things), and Jim talked about the ways companies and consumers will be using IoT to be more efficient and predictive.  SAP sees their role in the IoT wave as being on the data side and says they are uniquely positioned to help aggregate the data and help companies use that information to be proactive instead of reactive.  SAP will be among the prestigious keynote speakers at the TAG IoT Symposium 2016.


Don Barden and Dana Barrett

In hour two of the show, Dana was joined in-studio by expert contributor, Don Barden.  Don is a behavioral economist, leadership expert, author of The Perfect Plan.  Dana and Don talked about the difference between leaders who listen…and those who just pretend. Don said that the most important thing a leader can do is to connect with others and form real bonds. “Great leaders will accept what ever reality is in front of them.”

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