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With Musaddeq Khan

Serial Entrepreneur, Musaddeq Khan, joined us in the studio today to talk entrepreneurs and startups in Atlanta. Kahn founded his first startup, Prominus, in 2002.  Next was Verdeeco in 2008 which was sold this past April.  He is now at work on a new venture called Spoor.  Spoor is looking to help small and medium sized commerce companies target customers who are already looking for the products they sell.  They’re leveraging social media, specifically Pinterest right now to find customers and help advertisers direct their efforts where they are most likely to convert interest into sales.

Notable Quotes:

“It’s not that we don’t want any advertising it’s just that we want the right advertising.”-Dana Barrett

“75% of marketers are focusing on personalizing content.”-Musaddeq Kahn

“The next generation of shoppers are on social media.”-Musaddeq Kahn

“Spoor will give you a small very targeted list of people who are most likely to buy your product.”-Musaddeq Khan

“If you are good at what you do you should always be able to give a hand to somebody else.”-Dana Barrett

“There does seem to be a spirit of team in the Atlanta entrepreneur community.”-Dana Barrett

“It is possible to do it here in Atlanta. You don’t have to move to the Silicon Valley or Boston.”-Musaddeq Khan

“For Verdeeco I went through two sets of founders before I found the final team that I was looking for.”-Musaddeq Khan

“One of our first employees was actually out of a Waffle House. We hired him as a full-time developer.”-Musaddeq Khan

“Atlanta was not this way for startups and entrepreneurs 10 years ago.”-Musaddeq Khan

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