Amazon Announces Kindle Singles

These days we like everything fast and in small doses (well… maybe not everything), but as a culture we do seem kind of obsessed with brevity:  meals in minutes, conversations in 140 characters or less and acronyms to describe how much we’re laughing.   So maybe that’s why Amazon has decided to launch a new way for writers to reach readers… with less.   Amazon’s new Kindle Singles is basically short fiction and non-fiction for your Kindle at the fraction of the price of full length work.  Think of it as buying a song from iTunes, rather than a whole album.

Amazon says “Each Kindle Single presents a compelling idea–well researched, well argued, and well illustrated–expressed at its natural length. From an elaborate bank heist in Lifted, to Congolese rebel camps in The Invisible Enemy, to Jodi Picoult’s moving portrayal of family in Leaving Home, they offer nuanced journeys of both fact and fiction. This first set of Singles was selected by our team of editors, and includes works by Rich Cohen, Pete Hamill, Darin Strauss, and Ian Ayres. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have.”

Prices for the singles range from $.99 to $2.99 but you won’t know how many pages you’re getting for the price, only the size in KB of the file (which if you’re anything like me will mean very little).

Of course, the content is exclusive to Amazon who is doing what they can to keep the Kindle compelling while the iPad and Nook begin to grab some of the market share.