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In the guest chair:


With Jason and Heather Bussey from Town Dentistry

Jason and Heather Bussey from Town Dentistry joined us in the studio today to talk all things dentistry. Town Dentistry is a cutting edge dental office that offers the newest, most modern technologies delivered with a mom and pop feel.

Dr. Heather Bussey and her husband, Jason Bussey, own and operate Town Dentistry with their dedicated team of dental professionals.

Notable Quotes:

“Sports apparel company Under Armour looking at opening a major distribution center here in Atlanta.”-Dana Barrett

“Tesla to sell new model 3 for $35,ooo. Targeting BMW 3 series.”-Dana Barrett

“When I was a kid going to the dentist was not a pleasant experience. Things have changed a lot since then.”-Dana Barrett

“I would love to volunteer at one of the places that offers free dental care once we build our business more.”-Heather Bussey

“You give because you want to give and because you can give.”-Dana Barrett

“I’m very into creating relationships with my patients not just a one-time appointment or whitening.”-Heather Bussey

In the headlines: