In the guest chair:

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With Phipps Plaza Mall Manager, Dewayne Herbert.

Mall Manager at Phipps Plaza, Dewayne Herbert, joined us in the studio today to talk all things shopping. Herbert has been the manger since 2008 and with Simon since 2002. Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P 100 compnay.

Rendering of the Court of the South at Phipps Plaza with the new chandelier!

Rendering of the Court of the South at Phipps Plaza with the new chandelier!

Dewayne and Dana talked about the renovation plans at Phipps and Lenox and the competition that will be rolling in from the new Buckhead Atlanta development just down the road.  They also talked about a possible new hotel and apartments on the Phipps campus and Dewayne mentioned that Phipps has THE actual real Santa and that he might be able to get us an interview!

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With Adam G from Social Save and Andy Smith from the Atlanta Silverbacks

Adam G from Social Save and President/GM, Andy Smith, from the Atlanta Silverbacks joined us in studio for the second part of the show to talk Silverbacks soccer, World Cup soccer, and what’s going on around Atlanta this weekend.


Notable Quotes:

“Shopping is actually my favorite sport. That’s why Dewayne Herbert from Phipps Plaza is here right now” –Dana Barrett

“We had families from 30 states last year that came to Phipps to see THE Santa” –Dewayne Herbert

“Every bar for the last 4-5 months has been figuring out what they are going to do for the U.S. World Cup games” –Andy Smith

“I’m 40 years old and I feel like I was the first generation to play soccer growing up in America” –Andy Smith

“The number one thing in soccer is filling the stadium” –Andy Smith

In The Headlines:

  •  Earlier in the week I mentioned a rumor about a Kroger distribution center in Clayton County bringing new jobs. Well, it’s not a rumor anymore.  The Governor’s office has confirmed it.
  • And speaking of rumors, we were talking a lot about a possible consumer product focused incubator being started by Michael Tavani – from Scoutmob over the last several months. Well, that’s also moved out of rumor and into reality.
  • Tesla Motors is doing something really unique in business. They’re sharing. It’s an unprecedented move that Dana says makes her “want to buy anything this guy does for the rest of time”.
  • And while we’re on transportation that’s good for the environment, one of our new streetcars was accidentally sent to the wrong state.  How does that happen?