Most of what we do is not habit, but behavior.  So breaking bad habits or even creating new good habits won’t solve all your problems. In part one of our series with Dr. Sean Young, author of STICK WITH IT: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life for Good, we talk about the three different types of behavior (ABC – Automatic, Burning or Common) and each type requires a different solution.  Then we dive into the first of seven forces to change your life for good.

Skeptical? Let me encourage you right off the bat!

  1. As we go through the 7 forces, you need only implement those specific to the behavior you want to change.
  2. Those who follow Dr. Young’s process are 3X more likely to change their behavior.

In this first episode we focus on Force #1: Stepladders.  It’s all about baby steps, people and Sean explains the science behind why that works and how to determine how small your steps should actually be!

Ready to make change? Here’s your first step… pick up your copy of STICK WITH IT! Decide on a behavior you want to change and listen in Thursdays as we uncover each force together. 9:34am on The Dana Barrett Show!