One of the quickest ways to kick a bad or unwanted habit? Community. In fact, according to STICK WITH IT author, Dr. Sean Young, within 12 weeks, those who join and participate in a group are 2-3X more likely to change their behavior! In part two of our new series, Dr. Young takes a deeper dive into this second Force, detailing the six components of a successful community (trust, inclusion…) and explains how the people around us are key when it comes to lasting life change. When other people do things with us, or when friendly competition is present, we are more likely to stick with it!

So, what if those around you (ahem, family members?) make it difficult for us to implement our new behavior? Well, Dr. Young has a prescription for this too! Watch last week’s segment above and let us know how you’re doing on social with #ImStickingWithIt!

Force #3 is coming up… listen in Thursday, September 28th at 9:34AM when Dr. Sean Young returns to The Dana Barrett Show!