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Lisa Shipley, Dana Barrett & James Casto

Lisa Shipley, Dana Barrett & James Casto

Lisa Shipley, Author of “Crawling Across Broken Glass: How One Woman Fought Gender Discrimination, Beat the Odds and Won,” and James Casto, Founder of HOME BY DARK joined Dana live in studio to talk gender discrimination, following your dreams and the new songwriters’ concert series.

In her book, Lisa recounts her experience with gender discrimination while she was working as a top executive for a global, publicly traded company, her decision to sue the company and its CEO, the years of legal maneuvering by the defendants prior to their trial, the trial itself, its outcome and aftermath.

HOME BY DARK is a songwriters in the round concert event. Hear the stories behind the songs and witness powerful performances as honest and as authentic as they come… from the writers themselves. Guest performers have written songs for Garth Brooks, Chicago, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Evans, Stevie Nicks, Kenny Chesney, Sister Hazel, Miranda Lambert, Trisha Yearwood and others.  Their instrumentalists have performed on the David Letterman Show, at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, Disney, and around the world.

In the headlines:

  • Two Shareholders are suing American Apparel over the ousting of the companies former CEO, Dov Charney alleging that he was fired because he refused to sell the company. Wanna know who their attorney is? Um… he is ALSO Dov Charney’s attorney. Not sayin’… just sayin’.
  • As YouTube celebrates it’s 10th year in business, Facebook rises up to pose a real threat in the video game. Facebook Inc. said on Wednesday that its users were watching 4 billion videos a day, compared with 3 billion in January and just 1 billion in September. Google does not disclose viewership or revenue numbers for YouTube, although the company said in January 2012 that it had reached 4 billion daily views.
  • The Comcast/Time Warner merger deal is off! Comcast is not commenting officially, but sources say after the DOJ said they wanted hearings and were clearly not supportive of the merger, Comcast decided to step away. Phew. Monopoly avoided. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. The highly-anticipated $45.2 billion deal, which has been in the works for months now, would have combined the nation’s largest cable and broadband providers, giving them control over 54 percent of the U.S. cable/Internet market.
  • Atlanta based NCR is considering a variety of strategic alternatives to turn the company around. They are essentially moving from hardware to software and services and as part of that pivot are considering selling off certain assets and/or a return of cash to investors through a dividend or share buyback. A full sale of the company is also on the table, but sources have said that is a less-likely outcome.
  • A follow up from a story we talked about yesterday… Popeyes has officially apologized to the pregnant manager fired after she was held up at gunpoint and then asked by her boss to payback the money she handed over to the criminals. The franchisee responsible has apologized to her, they’ve offered her back pay and her job back. Seriously? Who would want to work there after that?
  • Dr. Oz called his accusers out on his TV show yesterday, citing their ties to the genetically modified food industry of which he is a critic.
  • If YOU want to become a TV host, there is a great bootcamp being held here in town this weekend, April 25th and 26th. Marki Costello, host of The Drama Queen on E!, granddaughter of Lou Costello and Hollywood Agent will host the training. There are still a couple of spots left:

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