One of the most urgent issues facing the investment industry in 2016 is the challenge of engaging with customers online in a simple and streamlined way, while still ensuring they are providing the best, most complete and timely information available.  Companies like Fisher Investments and others have recognized the need to maximize the accessibility of information so that customers with differing levels of technical ability will be comfortable with the online service.  Customer retention is a pressing issue for all businesses and the investment industry us no different.

More and More Clients are Dealing with their Investment Companies Online

New studies conducted within the industry have proven that more and more clients are likely to confine their interaction with a company to online visits, rather than dealing with representatives over the phone or in person. This means it’s crucial to maximize their daily or weekly online experience as it may be the only interaction they have directly with the company. The best investment companies understand that a streamlined, easy to use site and mobile experience will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The best companies also get that presenting fresh, entertaining content along with news and information about their accounts and services is critical for the kind of engagement needed to keep clients coming back.   And while entertainment is key – being overly silly or distracting could be bad for business.  Setting the right tone for content is mandatory for ensuring that customers (and prospects!) continue to regard the company as a legitimate source of industry information.

Building Authentic Customer Relations with Online Based Clients

Building authentic customer relations with purely online based clients is a new challenge for investment companies.  FI notes that all clients are important to the company regardless of whether they engage online or in-person, and they, and many of their peers are working to make their digital relationships as positive as the more conventional “face to face” relationships they’ve maintained for years.

Corporate dealings with online clients take on a new level of significance as companies attempt to fine tune their offering to this new breed of online-only customers. The challenge of retaining the interest and involvement of clients without being intrusive is more critical than ever as we are all bombarded daily with input from so many different sources.

Diversifying Online Content Is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

One of the best methods of satisfying online customers is to keep them informed with regular updates to the content on the official company website rather than bombarding them with email newsletters or alerts.  This way, when clients log in to the website to check their investments, they also get timely updates regarding other aspects of the company’s operations.

This “pull” method of providing content is also a great way to share fresh content on business, markets, trends and news that may help with investment decisions.  If your customers know you’re following this kind of news and are a reliable source, they’ll begin to make a habit of engaging with your content and sharing it – so you’re not only gaining customer loyalty, but also getting the best kind of referrals!