Survey Says: Employees Want Inclusive Fair Workplace. Employers Aren’t Delivering.

From PRNewswire:

A new study by Randstad US suggests that while employees overwhelmingly prefer a diverse and fair workplace, there employers are just not making that happen.

According to the data, a majority of employees (78%) say a workplace where people are treated equally — regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race or religion — is important to them. However, more than half of companies are not meeting this expectation, as 56% of female workers and 52% of male workers believe their employers could do more to promote gender equality and diversity.

In what many say is a “tipping point” year for women, companies need to work on getting this right or they stand to lose the women they already have to the companies that are doing it right.  The Randstad survey indicates that gender inequality a deal breaker for many women.   The data shows that from a lack of leadership opportunities to lagging education and mentorship programs to disparities in pay, failure to address inequality issues will drive many women to leave a company.

  • The vast majority (80%) of women agree they would switch employers if they felt another company had greater gender equality.
  • A third of women (31%) feel they have as many or more opportunities than men at their current companies.
  • Over half of the women surveyed (58%) said a lack of promotion to leadership roles was a top reason for gender inequality in the workplace, compared to 34 percent of men.
  • The majority of companies do not appear to be implementing mentorship or leadership programs geared toward women, as 28 percent of respondents said their employers offer such training.

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