American Idol

Rant #10: GaGa-ya-ya-smash-smash

Dawg, Dawg, awg awg aw-awg, Duckface, Duckface fa-ace, Ga Ga ooh la la…WANT YOUR BAD IDOL! Come one, come all, to this freak-show edition of Duckface and the Dawg.  Does anyone else find it worrisome that GaGa, a complete lunatic (though arguably a talented and/or brilliant one), is the only person making any sense on this clusterfuck of a [...]

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Rant #4: The Barber Did What?

Another week, another top 11 on American Idol and another Rant by our own JenN.  That save last week was pretty dramatic – and can I just say “Hulk Hogan is my American Idol”… or not. This week on Duckface and the Dawg…other people do my job for me…Duckface goes nearly an hour without telling someone his or her [...]

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Rant #2: Yeah, It’s Rantier

JenN is back with an even rantier rant – and for good reason.  Last night’s American Idol was why they invented the Tivo FF button.  And the fact that you can’t hear anything while FFing is an added blessing! Welcome to another installment of Duckface and the Dawg!  In it we chronicle the adventures of an aging rocker whose [...]

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The Rant finds a new home at Midtown Review!

I was going to give our newest contributor JenN a long detailed introduction, but she does a perfectly good job of introducing herself, so I’ll skip that.  Instead I will answer your unspoken question.  Isn’t this a book site?  Well sure, in part.  Midtown Review IS where books live… but it’s also where TV, movies and any other damn [...]

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Random Reflections from the Week

It’s been a busy week here at Midtown Review.  After recovering from our Oscar party hi-jinx, I released the latest podcast with New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry and then interviewed authors Brad Taylor and Adriana Trigiani for some upcoming episodes. (That’s a lot of reading, my friends!)  We also had a second discussion of THE SECRETS OF [...]

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