The Rant

Rant #10: GaGa-ya-ya-smash-smash

Dawg, Dawg, awg awg aw-awg, Duckface, Duckface fa-ace, Ga Ga ooh la la…WANT YOUR BAD IDOL! Come one, come all, to this freak-show edition of Duckface and the Dawg.  Does anyone else find it worrisome that GaGa, a complete lunatic (though arguably a talented and/or brilliant one), is the only person making any sense on this clusterfuck of a [...]

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Rant #6: Better Late than Beauteeful

I am a douche-canoe with incredibly poor time-management skills.  I am going out of town for a wedding this weekend and, of course, have left all the wedding crapola details until the last minute.  Heretofore, I did not have time to write The Rant until now and, such as, U.S. Americans don’t have maps and such as the Iraq, [...]

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The Rant finds a new home at Midtown Review!

I was going to give our newest contributor JenN a long detailed introduction, but she does a perfectly good job of introducing herself, so I’ll skip that.  Instead I will answer your unspoken question.  Isn’t this a book site?  Well sure, in part.  Midtown Review IS where books live… but it’s also where TV, movies and any other damn [...]

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