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With Diane Bloodworth

President/CEO of Competitive Sports Analysis, Diane Bloodworth, joined us in the studio today to talk data and fantasy sports.

Competitive Sports Analysis LLC (CSA) is the leading provider of predictive sports data & is the only sports analytics company with patented software that merges data from both objective & subjective sources.

Diane founded CSA in 2010 and serves as the President and CEO. She is responsible for company and product strategy and manages the day-to-day operations.

Notable Quotes:

“We have two clients: fantasy football and baseball GM’s.”-Diane Bloodworth

“We have developed scout smart which helps college football coaches figure out if a recruit will be a good fit for their team.”-Diane Bloodworth

“On our team I have two experts who play in high stakes fantasy leagues that the winner can bring in over $100,000.”-Diane Bloodworth

“I worked on the air traffic control system and fantasy football is way more complicated than that.”-Diane Bloodworth

“The people that make emotional decisions in fantasy football usually don’t win.”-Diane Bloodworth

“What we’ve found is that Twitter works well for us. It helps create a lot of traffic and visits to our site.”-Diane Bloodworth

“We think there is a way to build our brand and for sports bars and their customers to benefit from our data.”-Diane  Bloodworth

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