In the guest chair: 

Jen White & Dana Barrett

During hour one, Dana was joined by VP of Operations for ATP and regular contributor Jen White. Jen gave an inside look into ATP/TAG CIO Roundtable, which will be held March 9th of this year. You can buy tickets at!

Whitfield Athey, Amy Quinn & Dana Barrett

Whitfield Athey, Amy Quinn & Dana Barrett

During hour two, Director of Public Relations for Cox Communications, Amy Quinn and CEO of Delta Data, Whitfield Athey, joined Dana in studio. Amy discussed how Cox is helping to bridge the digital divide, while Whitfield discussed securing the transactions and data processed in the mutual funds industry.


New updates on Apple vs. FBI
• Legalized marijuana in Georgia… one step forward or one step back?
Mayor Reed says MARTA referendum may not be dead after all.  Wishful thinking?
• If you’ve already filed and are waiting for a state tax return – prepare to wait awhile.
Ratings are in on this year’s Oscars…and it’s not looking good..

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