In the guest chair: 

James Willard, Dana Barrett & Jeremiah Plaskett

James Willard, Dana Barrett & Jeremiah Plaskett

James Willard and Jeremiah Plaskett, Solutions Executives and Partners at Byteworks joined Dana in studio to talk tech, cyber security and the cloud.

Byteworks is an IT services provider, seeking to help customers implement solutions to meet their current needs and visions for the future. The team at Byteworks views technology not as a means to an end, but as an instrument to streamline and enhance business objectives.

In the headlines:

  • UPDATE on MARTA’s proposed North Line extension. The last in the current round of public meetings on MARTA’s plan to extend transit service north to Alpharetta will be held on Thursday night in Roswell. MARTA planners will present the plan and answer questions from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. at East Roswell Recreation Center.
  • There will be another big announcement regarding the area surrounding the new SunTrust Park in Cobb. This time, it’s expected to be about a new 4-Star hotel by Omni that will be part of the mixed-use development.
  • The TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed), TAG’s charitable organization dedicated to preparing the next-generation workforce, has announced that over 500,000 students and educators are participating in a statewide celebration of STEM education on May 8, 2015. STEM Day is a statewide opportunity for schools, students, teachers, and companies to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in innovative, hands-on activities involving STEM in order to help students make the critical connection between the classroom and future career opportunities. Be sure to share your own STEM Day celebration on social media by using #GASTEMDay.
  • Amazon has revealed how much money it’s making with its cloud services. And though they still bring in a lot more in the online retail business, the margins are way better for Amazon Web Services, so we may see their focus shift. They were first and moved fast, so they are the biggest right now, with Microsoft coming in second.
  • A tech glitch disrupted business last Friday at Starbucks, Evolution Fresh and Teavana stores which forced them to close early and lose what is expected to be millions of dollars. Ridonkulous. This is what’s wrong with too heavy a reliance on tech.
  • Uber and other Uber-like services are being sued by disabled groups saying they are not being served and should be under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The suits are over things like lacking wheelchair ramps on vans and seeing eye dogs not being allowed in the cars. Just something to think about as you go out and try to come up with the next big app.
  • Do you have an idea and want to understand best practices for bringing it to market? Are you working a job but want to pivot and start a business? Do you have an existing service based business and want to productize to scale? Are you finishing college and want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur? Then you might be interested in an upcoming 1 day accelerator programhosted by Opportunity Hub and led by friend of the show, KP Reddy. DATE: Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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“What if marketing was less about promotion or coercion and more about reaching out to people and helping them to solve problems?” Bernadette Jiwa answers this question and more in our May book club selection, MARKETING: A LOVE STORY: HOW TO MATTER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Join us for the next Dana Barrett Show Business Book Club meeting on Monday, May 11 at South City Kitchen in Vinings. Get all the details and sign up to attend here:

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