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Dana Barrett & Katrina McClimans

Katrina McClimans, RN, Sr. Laser Practitioner at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery joined Dana in studio to talk skincare options for sun damage.

Adam Toll, Founder & CEO of Haste was in studio in this morning to discuss Haste is working to improve your gaming experience.

Dana Barrett & Adam Toll

In the local headlines:

In the national headlines:

  • Wage increase will be phased in over five years for large companies and over seven years for small businesses U.S. Agency Moves to Allow Class-Action Lawsuits Against Financial Firms ( )
  • News Publishers Team Up to Take On Facebook, Google ( )
  • Facebook Again Cuts Price of Oculus Rift VR Headset. The price, which was lowered once already this year, will be lowered to $399 for the next six weeks ( )