In the guest chairs:

logo-2Windham Pridgen and Frank Green from ExecuSource joined me to talk about hiring and getting hired in today’s tech marketplace.  They shared some common mistakes, gave some great tips and noted that these days it’s all about Story (with a capital S).  It’s not just about being a great coder or project manager, you have to know how to tell your own story.

On the phone:

1237059_10151690340778129_1534086912_nJosh Zerkel from Evernote joined me by phone to talk about their focus on productivity both online and off.  He also talked about the non-industry and non-task specific design of Evernote being their key to success.  He explains that because the tools don’t force you into something too specific they can really be used for almost anything.  (Not unlike… um… Paper!)  So, while Evernote may not be the best thing since sliced bread, it may just be the best thing invented since paper… or since Al Gore invented the internet.  Also, special thanks to Josh for letting me totally geek out with my Evernote love and actually allowing me to officially be in the top 5 fans ever.  (Out of 90 million or so).  Oh and Josh also shared a little known feature that is very cool.  You’ll have to listen… I’m not giving everything away!

In the headlines: