In the guest chair:


With KP Reddy

Tech Entrepreneur, KP Reddy, joined us in the studio today to talk money, growth, and talent.  Reddy is an author, entrepreneur, second generation civil engineer, speaker and thought leader with over 25 years experience in technology and innovation.

Notable Quotes:

“The iPhone 6 will be made of indestructible glass.”-Dana Barrett

“Any excuse to shop and I’m pretty much in.”-Dana Barrett

“Google is starting to compete with GoDaddy in selling domain names.”-Dana Barrett

“It’s frustrating that big companies don’t want to raise their minimum wage but they pay the people at the top a ton of money.”-Dana Barrett

“If you take a incubator and combine it with an accelerator you have an incinerator.”-KP Reddy

“There are certain types of companies that you could grow here in Atlanta, but the climate is not really right for them.”-KP Reddy

“I like being ambitiously lazy.”-KP Reddy

“Unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs get to the end and just need money.”-KP Reddy

“I tend to argue with CEO’s of startups they either need to write checks or write code.”-KP Reddy

“National Entrepreneur Day is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!!”-Dana Barrett

“If there’s national Dana Barrett Day I’m in but other then that… come on.”-Dana Barrett

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