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Dana Barrett & Jen White

Dana Barrett & Jen White

Would you eat 70 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes for $10,000? Well Joey Chestnut of San Jose, California did just that and is now Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest champion. That story topping the national headlines this morning on The Dana Barrett Show. We hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July Weekend!

Rob MacLane & Dana Barrett

Rob MacLane & Dana Barrett

The one and only, Jen White, VP of Operations at ATP joined us in studio during the first hour of the show. Dana and Jen talked all things networking, and explained why building and growing relationships is so important.

Reentering the workforce after time away? Rob MacClane, President of 3Ci joined us in studio to discuss how to get back into the the workforce and offered some helpful interview tips!

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