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Scott Lewin, Dana Barrett & Anya Babbitt

Scott Lewin, Dana Barrett & Anya Babbitt

Scott Lewin, President and CEO of Invoiceware International and Anya Babbitt, Founder and CEO of Splitting Fares (SPLT) joined Dana live, in studio to talk managing invoices electronically and new ways to make connections.

Founded in 2011, Invoiceware International provides a cloud platform that manages electronic invoicing, fiscal reporting and government mandated financial processes for its many multinational clients, including The Coca-Cola Company, Airbus, Clorox, Siemens and Kellogg’s. Significant changes in Latin American compliance regulations drove Invoiceware International to expand its product offerings in 2014, contributing to its triple-digit growth (112%) for the third straight year. Invoiceware International is now the largest Latin American business network, with more than 80,000 companies transacting over $84 billion USD in 2014.

SPLT is a transportation agnostic, social ridesharing app that connects people with similar origins and destinations to meet and move together in cities. SPLT makes connections by utilizing digital technology to facilitate analog interactions.

In the headlines:

  • Atlanta ranks among the top ten markets for tech talent according to a report released by CBRE last week. Though 10th overall, Atlanta has the lowest cost of living, apartment rents and overall cost of doing business, compared with other cities in the top 10 such as Silicon Valley, Boston and Baltimore. Also, while San Fran, D.C. and Seattle dominate the top spots, Atlanta is considered one of the top “momentum markets” based on its tech talent growth rates, making it the 6th fastest growing market out of the top 10.
  • The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) in partnership with Media Frenzy Global will host the inaugural Market Insights Analyst Conference on Wednesday, April 29th at The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead from 10am-4pm EST. The Market Insights Conference will include keynote presentations and one-of-a-kind perspectives by expert-led panels from an exceptional line up of top tier industry analysts. Over 100 executives, CMO’s and other technology professionals are expected to attend the event and they’ll be talking about everything from wearables to mobile payments, to health IT.
  • Michelle Nunn has a new job. She is set to become the new CEO of CARE. Nunn, 48, ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014 as the Democratic nominee in Georgia, losing to the Republican, David Perdue.
  • The idea of a “religious freedom bill” is still percolating in Georgia… at least with the GOP. Last weekend, delegates to 11 Republican congressional district conventions across Georgia passed a resolution urging the legislature to pass a religious freedom measure that cleared the state Senate early last month but died in the House of Representatives. Though interestingly enough, the idea is generally not supported by business leaders. (This is the second case in the past several months where business and the GOP are not on the same side; the other was net neutrality).
  • Ludacris is set to perform at Game 2 of the Atlanta Hawks playoff series at Philips Arena, April 22, when the Hawks host the Brooklyn Nets at 7 p.m.
  • If YOU want to become a TV host, there is a great bootcamp being held here in town this weekend, April 25th and 26th. Marki Costello, host of The Drama Queen on E!, granddaughter of Lou Costello and Hollywood Agent will host the training. There are still a couple of spots left:

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