In the guest chair:

Brian Dally and Dana Barrett

Brian Dally and Dana Barrett

Co-founder and CEO of GROUNDFLOOR and regular contributor, Brian Dally joined Dana live in studio to discuss crowdfunding for real return on investment and embracing regulation instead of fighting it.

GROUNDFLOOR is the first microlending community for real estate. Together they back independent builders with secured loans that pay 6-26% annually. They are making real estate investing more accessible than ever before by focusing exclusively non-accredited investors and a minimum investment of $10.

In the headlines:

  • Georgia Tech is getting $2 million dollars from the Navy to fund projects that will bolster defense and other large-scale systems against cyber attack.
  • Georgia’s Moon River Studios is now the biggest studio project in the United States. This is after buying grip and lighting equipment house AppleBox Productions.  The studio is in Effingham County, Ga. and includes sound stages, scenic landscapes, an outdoor concert venue, post production offices, editing suites, warehouses, mills and set fabrication services.
  • A solar powered plane landed in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean from Japan.
  • Robotic cabs could be a major disruptor to the taxi business by 2030 AND if only 10% of rides were in these self-driving cabs, it could have a major positive impact on the environment, cutting 2 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Can’t find the dot com domain you want for your business, the .xyz may be available.  XYZ founder and CEO Daniel Negari said.  He is now officially a domain registry company selling the .xyz domaines. Alas, he is currently being sued by Verisign, the company that manages .com, for false advertising over XYZ’s claim in a promotional video that “It’s impossible to find the domain name that you want.”
  • In Atlanta Tech News, SoftWear Automation is moving out of ATDC and into new space in West Midtown.  They are hosting a block party to celebrate the move and the launch of the robotic LOWRY system.  Everyone’s invited… it’s Thursday, July 16th from 5pm-8:30pm.  Go to for more info and to register.

Other stuff:

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