In the guest chair:

Tope Awotona & Dana Barrett

Tope Awotona & Dana Barrett

Tope Awotona, CEO and Founder of Calendly was back in studio with us today to give a business update. We discussed making the move from free to paid and what it takes to plan for growth.

Calendly makes scheduling meetings and appointments easier via streamlining software, eliminating the need for the massively annoying back and forth via phone and e-mail.

In the headlines:

  • Girl Scouts across the US are getting ready for this year’s cookie sales but with a twist. For the first time ever, the scouts will have the ability to sell cookies online or via a mobile app.
  • BitTorrent (mostly known as a piracy platform) is following in Netflix’s footsteps and creating original programming.
  • Twitter CFO, Anthony Noto has mistweeted and caused a bit of a firestorm. Apparently a tweet he meant to be private was accidentally tweeted to the Twitterverse. He quickly deleted said tweet, but once its out there, it’s out there.
  • Amazon has deployed some really cool robots in some of it’s fulfillment centers. No really, they’re cool. If you haven’t seen the video – you need to.
  • Suze Orman is leaving CNBC for a new show called ‘Money Wars.’
  • Dana thought her whining about Black Thursday was over. Nope. The numbers keep growing.

Other stuff:

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