In the guest chair: 

Matt Reiner, Dana Barrett & Wes Moss

Matt Reiner, Dana Barrett & Wes Moss

Wes Moss and Matt Reiner with Wela joined Dana in studio for a discussion on technology, millennials and simplified investing.

Wela is a financial technology company that provides a platform for individuals to aggregate their assets, set goals and track their financial progress.

In the headlines:

  •  Last week, the FCC decided to regulate Internet providers like Comcast and AT&T so they can’t institute Internet slow lanes or charge for speedier service. And, Dana mentioned at the time that the debate was not over. Now, some big names have stepped forward to support the FCC including Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak.
  • In Atlanta tech news, WorldPay made a big announcement this morning, confirming their $1 million investment in a fintech accelerator at Georgia Tech’s ATDC.
  • Tinder is sort of following in Uber’s footsteps with a “surge pay” philosophy. But Dana thinks their pricing model is opportunistic at best and flat out ageism at worst.

From the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona:

  • Sony unveiled a bunch of new mobile devices. Two to note, a truly waterproof phone and a tablet with an attachable Bluetooth keyboard that could take the place of your laptop and may end up priced in the $400 range.
  • Google said they are officially becoming a wireless carrier. They’re not trying to compete with the Big Four, but want to challenge those companies on innovation.
  • Google also has (finally) said they are going to pivot on the whole Google+ nonsense. They’re not giving up totally, but instead focusing on picture sharing and Google Hangouts. No announcement on what the re-brand will be called or when this will happen.

Other stuff:

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