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With Katharine Mobley

Chief Marketing Officer at WeCareCard, Katharine Mobley, joined us in the studio today to talk all things digital giving.

WeCareCard is an online fundraising platform that provides a simple and secure way for family, friends and other caring parties to contribute to loved ones in times of hardship or celebration.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the marketing and advertising industry, Katharine is a known marketing maven. In her current board role as Chief Marketing Officer of WeCareCard, she is charged with the overall marketing strategy, media relations, consumer insights and corporate reputation of our brand.

Notable Quotes:

“Medical expenses is the number one cause for bankruptcy in the U.S.”-Katharine Mobley

“Social media has made it a lot easier to vet people.”-Katharine Mobley

“One of the things that helps protect us from fraud is we’re tied to the prepaid industry.”-Katharine Mobley

“Labor Day is challenging Black Friday for the top time for retail stores during the year.”-Dana Barrett

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