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In the guest chair:


With Ashish Mistry from BLH Venture Partners

Ashish Mistry, Managing Partner at BLH Venture Partners joined us in the studio today to talk about investing in Atlanta technology companies. Mistry is an investor and adviser to young companies. His experience includes leadership roles with high-growth companies in the technology-enabled services, enterprise IT, e-commerce, and consumer markets.

Notable Quotes:

“I love cheese and know about all different kinds of it. I’ll be your cheese expert.”-Dana Barrett

“The social aspect is really important to a lot of consumer companies.”-Ashish Mistry

“The apps business is very hit driven.”-Ashish Mistry

“It’s really easy to build stuff now which means it’s easier to go down the wrong path.”-Ashish Mistry

“There is a tendency to sometimes build it and hope the market will adopt it.”-Ashish Mistry

“I think knowing the problem you are trying to solve intimately is very important if you are an entrepreneur.”-Dana Barrett

“Living the life of an entrepreneur is very different from being an entrepreneur.”-Ashish Mistry

“Chick-Fil-A is doing a Cow Appreciation Day this Friday. If you come into any location dressed as a cow you will get a free meal.”-Dana Barrett

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